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Julbo Julbo J534 3414 -14 Noir
Aktuelle Kollektion:
Produktnummer: J534 - 3414
Geschlecht: Unisex
Material: Plastik
Gestellfarbe: Schwarz
Glasfarbe: Reactive high contrast 1-3 (rosa)
UV-Filter: 3
Gewicht: 38 gr
Marken-Etui: Julbo
Produktkode: 61544-()


Reactiv High Contrast lenses for clear, high-contrast vision in all conditions.

These UV1 to UV3 photochromic lenses are designed to provide clear, high-contrast vision throughout the day, darkening or brightening as light intensity changes. This technology allows the lenses to adapt in real time to the changing contrast of the terrain, for an optimal visual experience.

In addition, the lenses are equipped with an internal anti-fog coating and an oleophobic coating on the outer surface, which prevents smudging, facilitates cleaning and helps water to slide off the lens. These features make them an ideal choice for demanding outdoor sports such as Nordic skiing, trail running and mountain biking.

Ractiv High Contrast lenses offer a perfect reading of the relief thanks to their red ochre colour and an excellent perception of details, which makes them particularly suitable for difficult and rough terrain.

Lenses made of Trivex, excellent impact and scratch resistance (superior to polycarbonate and comparable to glass). In addition, Trivex lenses have excellent optical quality, with clear, sharp vision and no distortion. They are also very light.

Größe L (136mm)
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